Batch Funding Code Update Tool

Purpose: Allows updating the funding code on multiple cases, outreaches, or timeslips in one process.

Cost: None.

Requirements: Your user role must have the "Batch Funding Code Updates" permission selected.

Similar Feature: For updating multiple timeslips on a case-by-case basis, see Funding Code Timekeeping Change Block.

Start the Process

Start the three step batch update process by clicking on the "Batch Funding Code Update Tool" link on the Admin page in the Grant Management section.

On the initial page, select whether cases, outreaches, or timeslips will be updated, and select the Target Funding Code. Optionally change the date range and funding code filters (which can be changed on the next step as well).

NB: If you are changing timeslips. Check the "Timekeeping Lock Date" on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page. That date must be earlier than the oldest timeslip you want to update.

Not shown above is the "Manually specify object id" box (new as of 2020-04-24). IDs entered in that box act as an additional filter for the records that will be displayed on the second step. NB: For cases, the IDs are not the case numbers, like 20-0012345, but the number you see at the end of the URL when viewing a case, like

Select Records

The record selection page displays the records that match the initial filters. The date range and funding code filters can be changed to display a different set of records.

The selection screen provides a checkbox next to each record, and "Check All" and "Uncheck All" links. Records that cannot use the target funding code because of grant restrictions will not have a checkbox.

The date range filter applies as follows:

  • For Cases/Matters, the date range filter is an "Open Between" filter, displaying all cases that were open during that period. The current disposition of these matters can be open, closed, pending, or rejected. You may want to limit the list of matters by adding selections in the Case Disposition filter.
  • For outreach records, the date range filters on the date of the outreach. The Active filter defaults to Yes on outreach records.
  • For timeslips, the date range filters on the date of service of the timeslips.


The confirmation page displays a list of the selected records that will be updated and a Continue button. The process can be abandoned at this point by navigating to any other page.


The final page in the process will display the records that have been updated, and the same controls as the initial page to start another update.

The list of records can be copied and saved or printed. Navigate to any other page in LegalServer if another update is not needed.

Case Note

If the funding code is changed on cases, a case note with the subject "Funding Code Updated By Batch Update" is created showing the previous funding code and the one it was changed to.

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