Notes - Note Drafts

The Note Drafts feature attempts to periodically save the body of notes as they are being entered, in case you lose your internet connection, your browser freezes, etc.

A draft is saved when you are typing in a notes box, but pause for approximately 5 seconds.

A draft can also be saved if the Save Draft button is enabled.

A saved draft should be deleted once the form the note is on is saved.

Site administrators can enable an optional Save Draft button in the Add Case Note block and Notes (Generic) block.

NB to site administrators: If your timeslips use the Confidential Notes block and you want note drafts to function for those notes, you must enable the "Show Save Draft/Note Button" option in that block. Drafts will be saved without needing to click the button, but it must be exposed.

Site administrators can show the Notes Draft widget at the top of all site pages per user role in the Viewable User Stripe Items section.

If enabled, hovering your mouse cursor over the widget will display a link to access each saved draft, and a Delete All Drafts link.

Clicking a link for a draft will display it. The draft cannot be restored to a case, but you can select and copy it to the clipboard and paste it into a new note.

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