Person Module

Allows adding a person to a case using a dynamic form, and optionally custom fields.

Compare: Various blocks allow adding a person to a case, for example the Family Information block, Applicant Conflict Check block, etc. These blocks are sufficient for many cases, but limit the data you can collect for the person, most notably, custom fields.

Matter Form Setup 

A typical intake or auxiliary form to add a person will have at least the Case Persons List block and the Add Person block.

The Case Persons List block will display a list of people, and include an Edit pencil for each. If you put the Add Person block below it on the form, the Edit pencils will populate the fields displayed by the Add Person block.

Optionally, you can put the Add Person block on a branch logic form and "hide" it behind a Branch Logic Toggle Form Include button like "Add a Person".

The Case Persons List block displays a list of the people of the selected type.

The Add Person block displays a form from the Person module based on the process selected. You need to create the form and process on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page after changing the module to Person.

Person Module Form

You typically only need one form for each type of person you want to add. Your create and auxiliary person processes can point to the same form.

Create your form on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page, after changing the Module to Person.

When creating a form, make it available for Create and Auxiliary processes.

Person Name block. This block provides a People Finder, Client Finder, or Conflict Search link below the field names. If a conflict check (or search) is not needed, the individual name fields can be used.

Other desired fields and blocks: - Gender, Language, custom fields, etc. NB: Only custom fields created for the Person module are available.

Copy Marker Element: This optional element can add a "Save and Add Another" button to the matter auxiliary form when adding a new person. When you add this element to a form, it adds a Begin Copy Fields element. Add it a second time and check the configuration option to get an End Copy Fields element, and optionally change the text for the "Save and Add Another" button it will display. Any bare fields (not blocks) between the Begin and End elements will be copied to the next person created if the person filling out the form uses the "Save and Add Another" button. Copying fields like this is not required; the Begin element can be immediately followed by the End element, with no fields in between, to allow adding another person record with nothing copied.

Person Module Processes

You typically want two processes for each type of person you want to add. A create process and an auxiliary (edit) process.

Person Module Profile

You need to create a profile to select in the required "Followup Profile" for the create process(es). The profile can be completely empty.


Using with other blocks like Family Information

If you setup a person module process and form to collect custom fields on, for example, family members, you can still edit family on a form using the Family Information block, as well as your "Person" form. If both forms display Gender, for example, both forms will be editing the same field for that person.

In other words, the Family Information block will continue to function. It will not, however, show the custom field(s) that are available on your "Person" form. Assuming  your matter form uses the Case Person List block, you could also edit family members there, and record your custom field(s) information for each family member.

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