Home Page and Section Fronts - Customizing

The home page displayed after logging in is a dynamic page that site administrators can edit (older sites may still use a static home page).

Section fronts are other top level pages like Cases, Timekeeping, and Outreach.

Administrators can switch between the static and dynamic home pages and section fronts by marking the dynamic pages active or inactive.

NB: Switching to a dynamic home page or dynamic section front will cause a change in behavior for end users. See "sticky filters" in Known Issues below.

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Creating a Dynamic Home Page

If your site does not already have a dynamic home page, create one on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page. 

Change the module at the top of that page to "Home/Section Front".

Create Tab Blocks (Optional, but usually Desired)

Home pages (and section fronts) are typically one or more tab blocks. A typical tab block has the following enabled elements:

  • A Tab Start with the desired text (example, "My Assignments")
  • A List view element (example, Current Assignments)
  • Another Tab Start element, List view element, and so on, if multiple tabs in a group is desired.

Create any desired tab blocks using the "New Home/Section Front Tab Block" action link.

Create a new Home/Section Front Layout

This is the page users see. The page can contain any desired element, but is often one or more tab blocks as noted above.

Click the "New Home/Section Front Layout" action link, enter a Name, select "Home" in the Section Front Module dropdown list, and set the Active field to Yes to display the dynamic home page to users, or No to continue displaying the static home page.

A dynamic home page also usually contains the "Begin Intake Links" side bar element. That element displays all active intake and prescreen process links. It can be placed in the Side Bar section or the Actions Menu section (or both) as desired.

Creating a Dynamic Section Front

Like dynamic home pages, dynamic section fronts are created and maintained on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

Follow the steps for creating a dynamic home page, but after clicking the "New Home/Section Front Layout" action link, select the desired module in the Section Front Module dropdown list.

Editing Home Pages and Section Fronts

To edit an existing home page or section front, change the module on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page to "Home/Section Front". All existing section fronts and home pages are on the Profiles tab, and tab blocks on the Tab Blocks tab.

Multiple Home Pages and Section Fronts

Sites can use Layout Views to create alternative home pages and alternative section fronts.

There is one and only one 'master' home page or section front. Use the "New Home/Section Front Layout View" actions menu link to create the second, third, etc. view. Be sure to select the Master profile for the Parent Profile of any views you create.

See Profile Views for how to specify by role or user preference which of multiple home pages a user will see by default.

Notes and Known Issues

Multiple instances of the same list view on the same page (or tab) will not work well.

  • For example, on a Cases section front you put the Case/Matter - Cases list view filter for, say, a specific office, followed by the same list view filtered for a different office (or some other filter). The second list will typically not respond properly to filters, paging, or sorting. If you have that need, put each instance of the list view on its own tab.
  • Also note: Putting the same list view on a second row of tabs will not work around this. If someone clicks on a top row tab and a second (or, egad, third) row tab such that two (or three) instances of the same list view are displayed at the same time, the same sadness will ensue.

List selections (filters and column sort order) are not "sticky" on dynamic home pages and section fronts.

  • For example, on a static Cases section front, if you add a filter on problem code to the Cases list, that filter will stick until you logout. If you click on a case, then return to the list, it will still be filtered by problem code. On a dynamic Cases section front, that list reverts to the default filters without the filter on problem code.
  • Staff often filter lists like this and expect those filters to stick. If you switch to a dynamic page, they should be instructed on right clicking links (like a case ID) and opening the record in a new browser tab. That let's them close that browser tab and return to a still-filtered list.

Home: There is no "Clinic Events" list view that shows the user's upcoming clinic events available for dynamic home pages. (Ref: LS-50543)

Home: Adding the "Timekeeping Links" element to the Actions menu will break the home page with the error "home does not extend service". (Ref: LS-59417)

Calendar: The block that displays the Day, Week, or Month view is called "Calendar Time Period View". It has a configuration options for Day, Week, or Month. Put 3 tabs and 3 instances of that block on a tab block to mimic the static calendar display. To mimic the Event List tab of the static calendar, use the "Events (User)" list view element. The list view can likewise be repeated on separate tabs with different default filters to provide more than one list.

Calendar: There is no Custom Link Box or any other element for the Actions menu. The static Actions menu displays unless you replace it with a "fake" element like Profile Views.

Calendar: The user system preferences "Calendar: Default Tab" and "Calendar: Default View" do not work with a dynamic section front. (Ref: LS-83546)

Case Bundles: You can create a dynamic section front, but there is no Actions menu element to provide Actions > Add New Bundle. (Ref: LS-108030)

Contacts: You currently can't create a dynamic section front for Contacts.

Timekeeping: The Timeslips block (which displays the Timekeeping Log list) should be displayed by default. If it is 'hidden' on a second or third tab, then the totals in the side bar will not be displayed until that tab is clicked and the page refreshed.

Timekeeping: Leave the Side Bar section of the profile empty to get the Totals by Date, by Activity Type, etc. (assuming these are enabled on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page).

Timekeeping: The Time Certification link some sites have enabled is unavailable on a dynamic section front. (Ref: LS-47922)

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