Why Not Delete Email Signatures and Pointless Attachments in Notes

A common request is for LegalServer to remove email signatures, huge boilerplate email disclaimers, and embedded images in email signatures that often end up as attachments to emails sent to cases and other records.

If there was a standard for these annoyances, and people adhered to that standard, we would happily consider removing them. There isn't a standard, and the likelihood of all email clients adopting one seems near enough to zero to say it will never happen.

We've considered removing image files of 1K or less that come in as attachments. In an example sent to the Siteadmins group, we replied:

"That would remove the Facebook button image (959 bytes), but not the Twitter button image (1.01 KB), or your logo (2.11 KB).

Do we go up to 3KB? How many screenshots or other images that people would want uploaded as files would that delete?"

We remain open to workable, sustainable solutions. If you have one, please submit it.

Unless and until a solution arises, people emailing to a case (or other record) can edit before sending (yes, we know that will rarely happen). Organizations could reconsider adding bountiful boilerplate disclaimers to every single email, and encourage their users to use sane email sigs.

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