Bulk Referrals and Quick Referrals

Purpose: Both of these features are designed to capture limited information about the number of people who have inquired about an agency's service, but who were given a referral without an application being taken.

Bulk Referrals is designed for data entry in batches. Quick Referrals is designed to capture individual records for each referral.

Bulk Referrals

The Bulk Referrals feature is designed to mimic a tally sheet or grid that might be kept at a help desk or reception desk. Staff make tally marks on the sheet throughout the day as they make referrals. At the end of some period, these marks are added up and entered as a bulk referral record in LegalServer via the Admin / Bulk Referrals link.

The columns that appear in the grid are controlled by each site in Admin / Lookups / Matter Referral Codes.

Quick Referrals

The Quick Referral feature is designed to record referrals one by one during the day.

Administrators must enable the Quick Referral link on the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar/Search page, on the Navigation tab. You also need to check the "View Quick Referral" box in the "Viewable User Stripe Items" for each user role on the Admin > User Roles page.

Administrators can optionally set the "Default Funding Code" on user profiles so that each user entering a quick referral does not need to select it.

Quick Referrals are available in reports based on the top level Bulk Referrals table. The funding code, problem code category, etc. are available under the Bulk Referrals > Quick Referrals subtable. 

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