Legacy Interface: Configuring the Right Side of Profile Pages

See instead: Profiles - Side, Action, and View Elements

The taskbar that appears on the right side of cases, intakes, and prescreens displays various tabs with information and links:

  • A snapshot of the case information

  • Action links

  • Print profiles

  • etc...

Which tabs appear in the taskbar depends on a matter's disposition: prescreen, incomplete intake, case, or rejected matter. Administrators have a certain amount of control over the tabs: whether the tabs are displayed, the order they are displayed in, and the links and information that appear on each tab.

Administrators configure the taskbar by editing the Main Profile and Prescreen Summary profile in Admin/Site-Specific Profile Page Management. The Main Profile displays cases, rejected matters, and incomplete intakes. The Prescreen Summary displays prescreens.

Editing the Main Profile, for example, will typically show a list of Tab Blocks, then the "Rightside" elements that control the taskbar.

The various Rightside elements, and when they appear, are:

Administrators can enable and disable Rightside elements by dragging them to the enabled/disabled sections of the dynamic profile. If you don't want the eligibility information to appear on the side of a case profile, simply drag it down to the disabled section. The elements can be ordered in a similar fashion. If you would like the list of print profiles to appear at the top of the RHS, simply drag the print element to the top of the list.

Customizing the View Information tab

The default View Information tab and the links it displays are not a separate element on profile pages. Administrators can, however, disable the default tab and add a customizable tab.

In edit mode on the profile, use Add at the bottom of the form to add a new Right Side Bar element. After the new element appears in the Enabled section, click the + sign to expand it, then select "View Information" in the dropdown list. After the form refreshes, Ctrl-click on the items in the Static links section to select the links that should appear in the tab. There is also the option to add links to other processes.

Drag the new View Information element to the desired position. A typical location is just below the Snapshot element.

Disable the default View Information tab by expanding the Rightside: Link Boxes element. In the Shown Boxes list, Ctrl-click on "View Information" to deselect it.

Click Continue to save the changes to the profile. These changes will take effect immediately, although any cases displayed in another browser tab or window will need a page refresh.

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