Displays information on a case profile in a configurable way that uses horizontal space more efficiently. It is designed to be accessible to screen readers and to adapt well to different screen widths.

Status: Available for all sites. Before 2024-01-26 it must be enabled by LegalServer staff. If you don't have the block available, email support@legalserver.org and give us a link to the site you want it enabled on, or ask during Office Hours or similar.

Cost: None.

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Pretty Pictures

NB: Screenshots here may be outdated and not reflect the current visual style(s).

Configuration Options

Flowblock Name: Not displayed to the user. See Reset and Copy below. 

Flowblock Footer: Displays a 100 percent page width footer below all configured columns.

Reset and Copy Existing Flowblock: If you want the same Flowblock configuration on more than one profile, check this box to pre-fill the block with the settings from another instance of the Flowblock on your site.

Add Field Element

This is a searchable and scrollable list of fields and other elements you can add.

"New Column" starts a new column. Up to 3 columns are shown in a typical desktop browser. Fourth and later columns will wrap around.

Drag and drop elements to your heart's content.

Most elements have a blue edit pencil for configuration (see Case Status above).

Pro Tip: If you make changes to an element, you must click the green check to save your changes.

The Editable Dispositions checkboxes have no effect if you haven't selected a dynamic process to launch. (We hope one day you don't even see those unless you have selected a dynamic process Ref: LS-102148)

There are no plans to allow "in-place" editing of individual fields like you can for fields placed directly on the profile.

The list in "Dynamic Process to Launch" is literal. It does not include static processes like "Assign Case" or "Case Status". For Case Status to be a clickable link, you must create a dynamic process and form.

Highlighting and Hiding

There is some support for highlighting, or hiding, some fields if they have a specified value.

If you want, for example, to highlight that the client's mobile number has been marked as not safe:

Say you also wanted to hide Client Conflict Status if it is "No Conflict" and highlight that there are no Adverse Parties entered on a case. Compare this screenshot to the one above:

The blank spot left by a hidden field may be removed in the future.

Here are the configurations to do the above. Note well that "Values" are the displayed values. So to highlight no adverse parties you don't leave the "When Value Equals" blank, you enter the literal "N/A" that the element displays when there are no adverse parties.

Notes and Known Issues

The "All Assignment Names" field lists ended assignments. There is not a way to show all current assignments. (Ref: LS-99214).

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