Synchronizing Summary Case Data to FBF

Follow the instructions in the yellow box at the top of the page.

Filtering: Use the filters on the list to select "Staff" cases or "Pro Bono" cases. Each grantee may use different filters. "Pro Bono" cases, for example, may be those where the PAI Case field is set to Yes, the Program is one or more specific values, the Funding Code is one or more specific values, etc.

Note: The Transfer Grant does not filter the list of cases. It is used to tag the cases in the FBF's database.

After you click "Synchronize to FBF", the following page will show progress as the information is transferred. Do not close that browser tab until you see the message that the transfer is complete.

Repeat the process for each Transfer Grant your organization has cases for.

Do not use your browser's Back button during this process. After you finish one transfer, return to the Admin tab, then the Synchronize to FBF page again to start another.

FBF Transfer Log

The Admin page contains an FBF Transfer Log link. That page shows any attempted transfers, who initiated the transfer and when, and the number of summary case records transferred.

Effect of Synchronizing a Case More than Once

A case can be synchronized multiple times. The initial transfer of a case's summary fields tags the case with a unique ID, the year of the Date Closed field, and a unique grantee ID.

If a case is synchronized more than once, and the Date Closed year is not changed, any changes to the summary fields will be updated at FBF, including the Transfer Grant.

If a case is synchronized more than once, and the year of the Date Closed is changed, a new record is created at FBF.

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