Dynamic Checklists

Purpose: Dynamic checklists allow administrators to create their own pass/fail checklists similar to the CSR Eligibility block.  Administrators can select any fields from the matter module to be part of the checklist.  Depending on the value of those fields, the checklist can then set a boolean field to Yes (if the field values match the conditions defined by the administrator) or No (if the field values do not match the conditions defined by the user).  

Dynamic checklists can be used to represent conditions like program eligibility or whether all of the necessary steps to close a case have been performed.

Adding a Dynamic Checklist

Select a boolean field or create a custom boolean field to represent the value the checklist will set to Yes or No.  In the above example, the dynamic checklist will set the HELP Eligible Case field.

Under Admin, select Extended Modules and then Dynamic Checklists.

Select a checklist name, set Active to Yes, and click continue.  When the page reloads, click on the edit pencil next to the new checklist. 

Checklist Items are the criteria the dynamic checklist will use to set the value of the boolean field.  Select a name for the step of the checklist you want to set and enter it as the Item Label.  Then set the condition(s) which would fulfill that step.  You set these conditions using the expressions editor familiar to users of guided navigation.  

In the above example, the Veteran Status step will be fulfilled if the Veteran field equals Yes.

Each Checklist Item can be an expression that relates to a single rule, a number of rules linked together with AND/OR statements, a group of rules, or any combination of the above.  Click on the green plus button to add another step, or the red minus button to remove a step.

In the above example, the Senior or Spanish Speaker step will be fulfilled if Senior Citizen equals Yes OR Language equals Spanish OR Second Language equals Spanish.

When you are finished with adding eligibility steps, click Continue.

Adding the Dynamic Checklist Block

Site administrators must now place the dynamic checklist on an auxiliary form or an intake form.  

Note that the dynamic checklist block can only read the value of fields placed on preceding forms or that are already a part of the case and already saved.  A dynamic checklist that looks at the value of the Veteran field on the same form will not adjust to any changes made to that field until the form is reloaded.  

Create or select an auxiliary or intake form to contain the dynamic checklist.  Add the dynamic checklist block to that form.

In the Checklist pulldown, select the desired checklist.  In Set Field, pick the boolean field you want the checklist to set to yes if it passes the criteria you defined in the expressions editor.  Note that you will only be able to choose from boolean system or custom fields on the matter module.  

When you load the form containing the dynamic checklist, the criteria you defined that are fulfilled will be given a green check mark in the Result column, while those that have not been fulfilled will be given an orange arrow.

Notes and Known Issues

  • Dynamic checklists can only be used in the matter module.  They can only reference fields from that module.  
  • Dynamic checklists can only set system or custom boolean fields.  That field will be set to Yes if all of the conditions of the checklist pass, or it will otherwise be set to No.
  • Dynamic checklists cannot read or set the values of blocks.

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