Dropbox Integration

Purpose: Display a list of files on a case that are 1) in the agency's specified Dropbox Business document store, and 2) reside in or below a top level folder in the “Team Space,” created via API when the matter was created in LegalServer. 

Cost: $4500 setup cost. There is currently no monthly charge for Dropbox integration. 

Dropbox Setup

Configuration Requirements

    1. Client must provide 2 user accounts for LegalServer in the client Dropbox. The account emails must match the pattern dropbox+CLIENT[-INSTANCE]@legalserver.org (e.g., dropbox+ospd@legalserver.org for the live site, dropbox+ospd-demo@legalserver.org for demo).

    2. Client must create and share with the LegalServer support at least 2 folders in their Dropbox folder, one for the client demo and live sites each. These will be where the integration creates the folders for each case.


Agencies need to be on the Dropbox Standard Business plan or higher. The agency will need to supply their LegalServer contact with User access to a test DropBox environment, or provide high-level keys (securely) to LegalServer for the setup. Credentials can be sent to LegalServer via the Secure Messaging Tool. The message with the credentials should also include the anticipated folder destinations for where case folders for the demo and live sites should be created if there is a preference. At a minimum, the account needs Read+Write permissions to the space where the case folders are being created. LegalServer developers will then create a team site or dedicated folder for the site. Two of the user accounts will be used for Legalserver -- dropbox+CLIENT[-INSTANCE]@legalserver.org (e.g., dropbox+demo4@legalserver.org for the live site, dropbox+demo4-demo@legalserver.org for demo).

The LegalServer Dropbox app will use a generated access token to issue requests to the Dropbox API on behalf of a Team Admin user, in order to create case folders and display their contents.

The associated block and listview need to have the Dropbox Team Shared Folder ID added to it. 

Using the Dropbox Integration

Case Folder Creation

Place the “Dropbox - Create Case Folder” block on the disposition step of a case intake. This makes a call to the Dropbox API to create a folder with the Case ID in the name. As of 1/22/2021, the folder can either be the Case ID or "Last, First - Case ID". This configuration is set by LegalServer developers when enabling Dropbox. The folder created will be viewable by anyone in the Dropbox Team Space. All folders will be created in a specific Dropbox folder that you designate, it does not have to be the root folder of the Shared Team Folder. 

For cases that existed prior to the addition of the Dropbox Integration, this block can be placed on an auxiliary process. 

Once a case folder is created, it can be renamed or moved in Dropbox without breaking the connection with LegalServer. LegalServer stores the folder's unique Dropbox ID value to the case record. 

Case Folder Contents

When the “Dropbox Documents” list is placed on a case profile LegalServer will show a telescoping view into the folder’s contents in Dropbox. The list includes document and folder names and links to them, and resembles the folder-document structure in Dropbox or your favorite Operating System.

Clicking on the document links will bring you to Dropbox. If you are not logged into Dropbox, Dropbox will require you to login first before opening the file. If you are logged in to Dropbox with a user that doesn't have permission, you will get an error message that access was denied. 

Adding Documents

There are a number of ways to add documents to Dropbox: 

    • Drag and drop files from your desktop directly into the Dropbox listview

  • Add Document static process on the case

  • Adding a document with a case note 

  • Generating a Document Template (either for Download or Start Process types)

    • Clicking the Dropbox icon in the Documents List block

This last option is a new feature that is available starting 2021-04-15 on Demo and 2021-04-23 on Live. On the right side of the Document List you will see an icon for Dropbox. Clicking it asks you to confirm if you want to upload the document to Dropbox. If you say yes, you will get another popup when the upload has finished. To see the file in Dropbox, you will need to reload the listview manually. 

Changing the Destination Folder

Organizations will need to specify a specific folder for Dropbox case folder creation from their Live and Demo sites. These should be separate folders. If an organization wishes to change the destination folder in the future, this will require a ticket and a paid change order with LegalServer. The alternative is to continue using the current destination folder but after it has been moved and renamed. Since LegalServer connects case folders via Folder ID, if you move or rename a folder in Dropbox, that connection will still remain. If you are moving a destination folder from a parent folder named for the current year the steps would be something like:

  1. Create a placeholder non-linked folder in the past year's parent folder. 

  2. Move any files/folders from the current destination folder to the placeholder non-linked folder.

  3. Move the current destination folder to the new parent folder (it is faster to move when empty)

  4. Rename the placeholder non-linked folder as needed. 

Upcoming Features

We're planning some UI improvements to the Drag n Drop functionality to match what is available in Sharepoint. Then some improvements to methods that get documents into Dropbox.

Assumptions and Constraints

Folders must initially be created with the Case ID, but that can later be changed. LegalServer will track the folder using a metadata tag on the Dropbox record.

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