Hotdocs Site Setup

Purpose: This allows the mapping of a Law Help Interactive HotDocs interview to a LegalServer case. You can then trigger a HotDocs interview from LegalServer, passing data from LegalServer over to LHI. 

Cost: $3,500 one time and then $50/month. 

Note that this works with Law Help Interactive's Hosted HotDocs Server. This integration may not work with HotDocs hosted by other providers (including HotDocs itself). 

Sites with Hotdocs templates enabled need to add the Hotdocs Templates block to the main profile.

The block lists all the Hotdocs templates that are active on the site. The start process link for each template will redirect to the appropriate Hotdocs server and begin the process defined on that server. Once that process is complete, the document(s) created will be uploaded to the case in LegalServer.

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Adding a New Hotdocs Tab

The list of Hotdocs templates is displayed on the main profile using the Hotdocs Templates block element, just as the list of standard templates is displayed using the Recommended Documents block. The placement of the Hotdocs list is of course up to each site.

Configuration Settings

LHI will provide a Customer Key. That gets added to the Admin -> Document Settings page. LHI will also provide urls for the specific templates. Those are added to the individual templates themselves as part of the configuration for them document template.

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