Calendar Events - Customizing

Calendar Events - Customizing

LegalServer includes a standard set of processes, forms, and profiles to create calendar events.

If desired, site administrators can create dynamic objects in the Calendar Event module in Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles.

All features of static calendar events may not be available yet. Site administrators should experiment on their demo site and do extensive testing to determine if dynamic events will work for their users.

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Create Processes, Forms, and Profile

Change the Module selector at the top of the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page to Calendar Events.

As usual, create the profile, the forms, then create the processes.

Remove any default Active filter on the three lists to see if any of these objects already exist and just need to be set active.


  • An Event Profile is optional, but highly recommended.
  • Create it, then come back after the processes and forms are created and add a Custom Link Box element to the Side/Action Elements section. Enable your Edit Event process, and if using it, your Delete Event process.


  • The Create/Edit form can be a single form. Make it available for Create and Aux process types.
  • The create form must include the Event Link block.
  • If deleting is desired, you need an auxiliary Delete Event form that contains the Delete Event block.

Non-Standard Fields and Configurations

  • This form can include the Courtroom field. It displays a search and select interface. Courtrooms are added to organization records via the Primary Address block. NB: To enter one or more courtrooms on an organization, the "Add/Edit Organization Address Process" on the Admin > Process Settings page must be set to the default "Please select".
  • There are three possible judge fields: Judge, Appeared before Judge, and Judge Assigned to Case (Display Only).
  • The Litigation field allows you to link the Event to a specific Litigation record on the matter.
  • The Previous Event field allows you to link the Event to a prior event on the same matter.
  • The Hearing Relations block allows you to link the event to Subject Children on the case for updates with Placement, Visitation, Court Procedures and Outcomes, or Permanency Outcomes.


  • Required: Create and Edit processes. As noted above, both can point at the same "create/edit" form.
  • A Create process can be multiple forms long.
  • Recommended: A Delete Event process.

Calendar Settings

On the Admin > Calendar Settings page:

  • Show Static Event Forms - typically set to No so the dynamic forms are used.
  • Event Create Process - select the dynamic process

Create Event Link on Cases

  • The Scheduling Side/Action element can't be used to display a dynamic event create process.
  • To display a dynamic process, use a Custom Link Box element, and select the dynamic process. It will appear near the end of the list of processes in the Static Schedule section.
  • You can add the link in an existing Custom Link Box element or add a new one to your profile or menu boxes.

Known Issues or Features Not Yet Available

  • The plus "+" button to create a new event on the Upcoming Events list view (frequently used on home pages) always uses the built-in static event create process. (Ref: LS-95856)
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