Training Ideas from Site Administrators

Our partners come up with really interesting and inventive ways to train their staff.  Below are some ideas from site administrators on how they encouraged and trained their staff to interact with LegalServer.  

Training Your Staff Before a Major Change (Go Live / Implementing a New Feature / Big Interface Change / Etc.) 

  • Setting up working groups to help with communication, user experience, testing the site.  Make sure each office and each program is represented. They will get to know the system well, and can be an unofficial knowledge source down the road. 
  • Small group trainings- where 3-5 staff are given an application to input, add case notes and close the case on the demo site.  
  • Provide individual office managers (or people in similar positions) overview of the systems, demonstration(s) of particular features etc. 
  • Create a staff tech team with members from every part of the agency to lunch together once a month, discuss how technology is being used in the agency, how LegalServer is implemented in your programs etc.
  • Train staff on their own laptops or computers, so they have the experience of putting information into the system on a machine they are comfortable with. 
  • LegalServer Jeopardy! 
  • Train early and train often.

Ongoing support

  • Setting up a email group of internal "LegalServer Super Users" so staff can email their easy questions (like- how do I add time again) to a small group of people, rather than just one or two site administrators.
  • Provide access to the demo site so staff can keep training themselves, and use the demo site when you implement new features or change anything major in your process, so staff can practice. 

Written Materials

  • Creating a simple LegalServer Introduction and Overview that is customized to your staff's needs.
  • Provide sample cases for your staff to walk through the life cycle of the case from inputting intake information to entering time to closing the case. 
  • Create a "LegalServer translation list" where the words the platform uses is different than the words your program uses.  

If you would like to share a training idea with the community, email it to the site administrators list, or let us know at

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