Barcode Scanning

Purpose: Allow uploading scanned documents to cases via email without needing to manually enter a case's email address. A document printed from a case contains a QR code identifying the case. The document serves as a cover page for documents being scanned and emailed. Scanned documents can be sent to a single email address. LegalServer will read the QR code and upload the document to the appropriate case.

Cost: There is no cost to use this feature. Site administrators must enable it and follow the setup procedures described below.

How to Use the Feature

Click the "Barcode Cover Sheet" link on a case (the name of the link and it's placement are set by a site administrators) to display the page that generates the cover sheet:

The email field contains the email address of the person filling out the form. The address can be removed, or additional addresses added.

The cover sheet will be stored in the selected folder on the case.

The cover sheet can be printed, then scanned and emailed to "" (substituting your site's information after the @ sign) along with other pages. Files sent to that address go into a queue. If LegalServer can read the QR code, it will place the document into the designated case and folder. The "placeholder" document will be replaced with the actual document. In addition, a case note is generated indicating that the document was saved (like an email sent to a case appears as a case note).

Recommended Scan Settings

  • Format: PDF (multi-layered PDFs should not be used)
  • Resolution: 200 DPI minimum, 300 DPI or higher recommended
  • Color: Grayscale or color

Administration and Troubleshooting

These tools are generally only available to administrators, who have access to the Admin page.


* User generates cover sheet on a case - cover sheet appears in cover sheet queue

* File (with cover sheet as first page) is emailed to scan@ address - appears in the scan queue

* If successful, a case note with the attached PDF will appear in the case

Cover Sheet Queue

The Admin / Cover Sheet Queue page lists all cover sheets generated that are "waiting" for documents to be scanned.

Barcode Scanning Queue

The Admin / Barcode Scanning Queue page lists all files received at the scan@ email address. Each document includes a link to the case (if any) it is associated with, a link to the document profile, and an "Edit" link that allows the document to be associated with a different case.

Testing the Email Functionality

Administrators can confirm the server is receiving and processing scans by sending an email to the site's scan@ address. No attachment or special text is needed. The server will send a reply email indicating "There was a failure delivering your message to LegalServer. Failure reason: QR code not found or cannot be parsed". The failure to deliver (to a case) is expected. Receipt of the messageconfirms the server is receiving and processing emails sent to scan@.

Administrative Setup

Your role needs the "Administer Bar Code Scanning" permission to see the settings link on the Admin page.

You enable this feature on the Admin> Barcode Scanning Settings page:

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