Switching a Case from Group to Individual or Vice Versa

A client on a case can be an individual or a group (organization). The distinction is set via the Group field, which may be a selection during intake, or a site may have different intakes for individual applicants and groups. This page describes one way to create a means of changing a case from one type to the other.

NB: You can remove a group client name, but not an individual client name.

If a case was mistakenly entered as a group, you can remove that name when you enter the individual client name.

However, changing an individual case to a group case will result in the case having both names. For example, if the "Bob Vila" case is changed to a group case with the name "This Old House", a search using Search > Clients for Bob Vila will return the case now-named This Old House. A search for House using Search > Client Organizations will return the same case. It may be best to reject the Bob Vila case and recreate the group This Old House case.

NB2: If your site uses a separate Group Profile to display group cases, switching the Group field does not change the profile used to display the case. Depending on differences between the Main Profile and the Group Profile, this may make the case hard to use, and recreating the case as the proper type is the way to go.

Create an Auxiliary Form

On the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page, use the Actions menu link to create a new auxiliary form. Name the form as desired and add the following elements:

Create an Auxiliary Process

After saving the form, use the Actions menu link to create an auxiliary process. Name the process as desired and enable the form you created.

After creating the process, you may want to edit it and set user role permissions. Most sites will take away permission on the process from all roles except Administrator. Lack of permission means users with those roles will not see the process link in the Actions menu.

Get the Link into the Actions Menu

Displaying the link will depend on the site's setup. If the Link Boxes element is used, the category selection in the process will determine where the link appears. If the site uses Custom Link Box elements, add the process to the desired one.

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