System Speed Statistics

The Admin / System Speed page provides some useful statistics regarding number of page loads and load times, as well as network latency information.

Load Time is the total time it took for the server to generate and execute the code for the page, including any Wait Time, which is the time it took for the server to load the session information for the page.

A high Wait Time indicates the page was waiting a long time to get a lock on the session. For example, if the user is doing something intensive that takes a long time in another browser tab (such as loading a large list or running a report), then another request in a different tab will have a high Wait Time because the user's previous request is still running and still has the session locked. The server must wait until that request finishes before it can start handling the current request.

Load Time does not include the time it takes the user's browser to receive and display the page. The user's internet connection determines how quickly the page contents reach the user's computer. The user's computer determines how quickly the page is actually displayed as the browser processes the page, checks its cache, etc.

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