List Views

List Views are elements (like headers, fields, and instructions boxes) that can be added to forms and profiles.

List views display selected data in columns, and generally offer site administrators the ability to decide which columns are displayed, change the label for each column, and set default filters for the list.

Availability per Module: List Views are generally designed to work for a specific module (Case/Matter, Timekeeping, Home Page/Section Fronts, etc.). When editing forms and profiles, only the list views available for that module are listed, although a limited number of list views are available in multiple modules.

The available columns in a list view cannot be changed by site administrators. Site administrators also cannot change the default sort column of a list view.

A default set of columns in a default order are displayed if no columns are specifically enabled. For example, the My Incomplete Intakes list view would display the default columns even though none are enabled:

Use Show All Results on Page Load? shown above with care on certain lists. By default, each list will show the first 20 results when it loads. Using this option will slow down each page load if there are many records. For example, if the main Cases page uses the Case/Matter - Cases list view to display open cases, and the site has 3,000 open cases, that page will take noticeably longer to display 3,000 cases instead of the first 20.

Notes on Specific List Views

Aged Assignments

Commonly used on home pages. The "Days Since Last Activity" column calculates the number of days since either a case note or timeslip was added to a case.

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