CSR Eligibility V2 Block

Provides a means of setting the CSR Eligible field for a case based on a case's LSC Eligible field and other factors. Useful for LSC-funded agencies to help classify cases for Case Service Reports.

See CSR Eligibility for a description of this block's operation.

Configuration Options

  • Close Reason A - choose the site's closing code that corresponds to LSC's "A - Advice and Counsel" code
  • Close Reason B - choose the site's closing code that corresponds to LSC's "B - Limited Service" code
  • Require Retainer on File Compliance for CSR Eligible
  • Require Affirmative Litigation Compliance for CSR Eligible

The last two options are not set by default, to allow handling Section 2.1 of the CSR Handbook, which reads (as of the 2017 Handbook):

"Cases that meet these criteria are included in the CSR regardless of compliance with the requirements of 45 CFR §1611.9 — Retainer Agreements or 45 CFR Part 1636 — Client Identity and Statement of Facts."

Administrators can check one or both options depending on their interpretation of the Handbook.

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