Additional Assistance by Family Member Block

Allows recording additional types of assistance to household members that an agency does not want to include as household income. The types are defined in Admin / Lookups, Additional Assistance Types.

This block is typically used on a financial information form, but can be placed on any form.

Each household member is listed with a separate "Edit Assistance" Yes/No question. "No" is the default selection. Selecting "Yes" displays an additional assistance entry that has a type dropdown, an optional dollar amount field, and plus/minus buttons to add another entry or remove an existing entry for that person.

This block cannot be used on the first step of an intake process.

Alternate Blocks

* Additional Assistance - performs the same functions as this block, but the entries are per case/matter, not per household member.

* Additional Assistance (Simple) - instead of rows with plus/minus buttons, displays all defined additional assistance types in a checkbox list per household member. Amounts cannot be recorded.

Configuration Options


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