Court Case (Prescreen) Block

Displays a Docket Number text field and "Docket Conflict Search" link.

This block creates an entry in the Litigation list for a case/matter.

The Docket Number / Court Case ID field is a search type on the Search menu.

For reporting, this field is on the litigation subtable, Case Data > Litigation - Multiple Rows Per Case > Docket Number. This makes any report using this field repeat a case for each litigation record.


  • The Court Case block also collects a Docket Number, provides additional configuration options, but does not display a search link.

  • A site can create a site specific text field to collect a court case number if the ability to search on these numbers is not important. This simplifies reporting because the site specific field would not be on the Litigation subtable (see above).

Configuration Options:

  • Show Format - displays a format hint in the Docket Number field label and makes the format required

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