File Destroy Date Block

Calculates a default file destroy date as X number of years in the future from when the process it is on is run. Adjusting the case's date closed does not affect the default calculation for the File Destroy Date. Typically placed on a site's close case form. Note that this block does not have any effect on the electronic information saved in LegalServer; it is simply a field that allows users to know when a paper file can be shredded, based on the Close Date of that case in LegalServer.

Note: This block does not currently give the expected results when used on branch logic forms. If, for example, the block is placed on a branch logic form with 5 years selected, and another branch logic form with 10 years selected, the calculation from the first branch logic block is always used. (Ref: 84998)  

Configuration Options:

* Default Years in the Future

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