Mailing Address Block

On a form, the default behavior is to display the label "Mailing Address" and a "Show" button. Clicking the button displays address fields to record a mailing address for an applicant/client. On a profile page, it displays the mailing address, if any.

Configuration Options

  • Ask if mailing address is same as main address

    Displays a checkbox, that if selected, makes the mailing address fields non-editable (grayed out) and copies the address fields entered using the Address or Address Extended blocks into these fields. Note that copying the main address into the mailing address is a one-time copy of the values in these fields. Later changes to the main address fields will not automatically be updated in the mailing address fields.

  • Always Display Address Fields (added 2023-09-08)
  • Show Address 2
  • Ask for Institution

    Allows selecting an institution (an Organization with the type "Institution")to insert the institution's address as the applicant's mailing address.

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