Court Case Block

Provides a way to collect information about a court case for a client. The fields displayed depend on the configuration options selected.

The block creates a Litigation record for a case if one does not exist, or edits the first litigation record on a case. It is a simpler alternative to the "Add Litigation" link, and can be useful on intake forms to quickly create a record.

The Docket Number / Court Case ID field that can be displayed can be searched via the Search menu.


  • The Court Case Prescreen block also collects a Docket Number. As the name indicates, it was designed for use on prescreens, and displays a search link so a number can be searched before creating a new matter for an applicant.
  • Administrators can alternatively create a site specific text field to collect a court case number if the ability to search on these numbers is not important. This simplifies reporting because the site specific field is not on the Litigation subtable.

Configuration Options:

  • Show Claimant - displays the "Claimant ID" text field
  • Show Docket Number - displays the Docket Number or Court Case ID field (naming varies)
  • Require Docket Number
  • Format? - Ignore this option unless by some wild coincidence you need the "AA##-#####" format. That's two letters, two numbers, a dash, and five numbers.
  • Show Court - displays a dropdown list of courts (organizations with the "Court" organization type)
  • Require Court
  • Show Judge - displays a dropdown list of judges (contacts with the "Judge" contact type)
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