Activities Block

This block displays the fields needed to create an Activity record on a case.

This block is typically placed on an auxiliary form that is called by an "Add Activity" auxiliary process. The Activity Log list view element is usually placed on the main profile to display existing activities.

Several lookups are relevant to this block:

  • Actor field - Activity Actor lookup

  • Activity field - Activity Action lookup - can be linked to Activity Items

  • Item field - Activity Item lookup - can be linked to Activity Actions and Problem Codes

  • Venue - not a true lookup, but a list of all active Organization records that have the type "Activity Venue" selected

Related: Activity Presets to create events, tasks, deadlines, or outcomes based on the actor, activity, and item selected.

Configuration Options

Additional configuration options may appear depending on features enabled on a site.

Display and Defaults

Show Primary Count

Show Secondary Count

Show Actions/Items

Require Action

Require Item

Show Venue

Show Actor

Show User

Show Note

Default Action

Default Item

Default Venue

Default Actor

Date Label


Note Signature box, where you can enter static text that will be included in the email. The box also supports the placeholders "[name]" to insert the client's name and "[url]" to insert a link to the case.


Allow Documents

Document Attach Label

Document Upload Label


Allow Adding Time 

Require Adding Time (only effective if Allow Adding Time is checked)

Display Time Activity Type

Display Timeslip Office

Default Time Activity Type

Display Timeslip Funding Code

NB: The timeslips created by the above option are created with a static, built-in process, and will display with the static "Service Profile". If your site uses a dynamic timeslip profile, these timeslips will look and behave differently than timeslips created through a dynamic "Add Staff TIme" or "Add Case Note" process.

You can configure the block to provide a button that sends the person to a dynamic case timeslip.

  • Uncheck "Allow Adding Time"

  • Select "Yes" for "Show Save and Add Timeslip Button"

  • Select the process for adding case time - usually "Add Case Time".

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