Outcomes (With Frequency Controls) Block

Displays any existing outcomes in a row format. If none exist, a blank row is displayed with Date, Outcome, Period, Amount, and Notes fields. Each row has plus/minus buttons to allow outcomes to be added and deleted.

The Period and Amount fields distinguish this block from the standard Outcomes block. Period and Amount are used to calculate the value of the outcome. Four period types are defined: Avoidance Lump Sum and Monthly, and Recovery Lump Sum and Monthly. For the lump sum types, period is multiplied by 1 to calculate the value. For the monthly types, period is multiplied by 12.

Also see: Outcomes Block

Configuration Options:

  • Require Outcome Types - makes the Type field required for each outcome entry. Note that this effectively makes at least one outcome required. If this option is selected, a "No Outcomes" value may be useful. 

  • Only show outcomes associated with the case's problem code - useful if a site's list of outcomes is long 

  • Show Outcome Category - displays a Category dropdown for each row, which limits the values shown in the Outcomes dropdown 

  • Set Max Number of Outcomes to - default is 20 

  • Enable Required Primary Outcome row 

  • Limit Defaulting Functionality to Primary Outcome Row 

  • Extended Display

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