Prescreen Status Block

This block presents a dropdown list that allows you to set the status for a Prescreen process. It typically is the last element on the prescreen form.

The list of statuses comes from the Screening Status lookup list defined in Admin/Lookups. Typical statuses are:

  • Begin Full Intake - this is a system status that begins the intake process defined in Admin/Process Settings. The disposition will be set to Incomplete Intake.

  • Pending - this will display the Prescreen Summary profile page and leave the disposition set to Prescreen.

  • Pending Callback - sets the prescreen for a callback (if you have implemented the Callback feature); also see the configuration options below regarding Callbacks.

  • Refer and Reject - will display a Referral page where you can record referrals to outside organizations, followed by a Reject page where you record the reason the applicant was not accepted for service.

  • Reject - will display the Reject page, bypassing the Referral page.

  • Set Office Appointment - selecting this status will display a scheduling page with open office appointment slots (see the Calendar link "Create Office Appointment Slot"). Office appointment slots are not tied to an individual advocate.

  • Set Staff Appointment - selecting this status will display a scheduling page with open staff appointment slots (see the Calendar link "Create Appointment Slot"). Staff appointment slots are created for individual advocates.

You can create additional screening statuses in the lookup, for example "Pending - Potential Conflict", "Pending - Needs Supervisor Review", etc. Note that any additional statuses you create will display the Prescreen Summary page; you cannot set the destination for these statuses.

Configuration Options:

  • Default Prescreen Status - a dropdown that lets you pre-select a screening status to display instead of "Please select".

  • Hide Prescreen Status - this can be used with the above option to have a prescreen process always end with a particular status.

  • Show Callback Reason - this option should only be used if the block is being added to a callback form. If enabled it will display a required field called -€œReason-€Â. You define the list of reasons in Admin/Lookups.

  • "Pending Callbacks" Redirect to Callback List - this option will display the Callback list if the Callback feature has been implemented and you select "Pending Callback" as the status on the prescreen form.

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