Add Event Block

Used to create a calendar event on a case/matter.

The default configuration displays a "No Event" button on a form and the fields needed to create a static calendar event. Clicking the button hides the fields and changes the button label to "Add Event".

Configuration Options

Default Office/Program to Case (Only Without Dynamic Event Form Specified) - default both fields to the case's office and program if not using a dynamic form.

Default Attendees to Active Case Assignments (Only Without Dynamic Event Form Specified).

Event Form - shows a list of any dynamic calendar event forms on the site. This option forces an event to be created. There isn't a "No Event" button to hide the fields and not create an event.

Event Create Process (Only With Dynamic Event Form) - a list of dynamic event create processes. This will determine the profile used to later display the event (the Followup Profile chosen on the create event process). (Added 2023-01-13)

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