Address Block

Displays address fields for the applicant/client's home address on a form.

Can be used on case profiles to display the address, and optionally allow editing in a popup window or by invoking an auxiliary process (recommended).

Note: The Address block does not provide an option to require the Safe Address field. If that is desired, do not select that option in the block, and add the Safe Address field separately to your form(s).

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Configuration Options

  • Show Zip Code first - places the Zip Code field above the other address fields and will use the special feature that automatically inserts the City, State, and county fields if the zip code is in the zip code table (Admin / Zip Codes) 
  • Show instruction "Enter Zip Code ...."
  • Require Zip 
  • Show Google Map Link - display a link that opens in a new tab/window with address information passed to Google maps
  • Show Address and Apt/Lot - show or hide these fields
  • Show Address 2 - show or hide this field 
  • Require Street Address
  • Ask for Safe Address - displays a Yes/No field 
  • Ask for Care Of - show or hide the "C/O" field; appears before the Address field if displayed 
  • Ask for Special Housing Circumstances
  • Require Special Housing Circumstances
  • Ask for Neighborhood
  • Ask for City
  • Require City
  • Ask for State 
  • Require State
  • Ask for County - county of residence; if displayed, is a required field 
  • Ask for County of Dispute - if displayed, is a required field 
  • Both county fields can be hidden (unchecked). Values will still be saved if they can be set based on the Zip Code entered.
  • Set County of Dispute from County (if County of Dispute not asked for)
  • Set Intake Office from County of Residence (CoR must be displayed)
  • Set Intake Office from County of Dispute (Dispute County must be displayed)
  • Ask for Institution - adds a field asking if the applicant is institutionalized and provides a means to select an institution (Organizations with the type "Institution"); allows inserting the institution's address as the applicant's address.
  • Log detention - if the previous option is selected, this option will display additional fields: Date Detained, Date Released, and Reason for Release. 
  • Online Intake Format
  • Ask for Ward - not enabled on all sites 
  • Ward is Required
  • Use Addr Validation / GIS API - the site must have the address validation feature enabled
  • Keep/Insert Zip Code +4 when validating addresses
  • Show GIS Boundary Fields - display the political boundary lookup fields enabled for a site (if any), or if unchecked, only display the success or failure status of the lookups
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