Citizenship Status Block

Displays a required field for Citizenship Status.

There are 2 system values defined by default in Admin > Lookups: Citizen and Non-Citizen. Selecting Non-Citizen prompts for additional information, including Immigration Status, and optionally Visa Expiration Date. Selecting Citizen does not display additional fields.

The system lookup values are used for the Citizenship test in the LSC Eligibility Information and Site Eligibility Information blocks.

Configuration Options

  • Immigration Status Required - requires this field if Eligible Alien is chosen. * Ask for Visa Expiration Date - display this field if Eligible Alien is chosen. 

  • Show "Citizenship Status" section heading -- Displays a "Citizenship Status" header element above the field.

  • Show "Citizenship Status" help message -- Displays "Please select a citizenship status before continuing" below the field.

  • Show Eligibility Notes -- dormant

  • Show Need More Information Note for Non-Citizen -- Displays "Possibly eligible, but we need more information." if Non-Citizen is selected. (Added 2021-07-23)

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