CSR Eligibility Information Block

This block provides a means of setting the CSR Eligible field for a case based on a case's LSC Eligible field and the responses to four questions. Useful for LSC-funded agencies to help classify cases for Case Service Reports.

The block displays four required Yes/No fields, then the LSC Eligible and CSR Eligible fields in read only mode. All four questions must be answered Yes, and LSC Eligible must be Yes, for CSR Eligible to change from the default No to Yes.

Configuration Options:

* CSR Advice Given Label - default text is "Legal assistance is documented"

* CSR Retainer Label - default text is "Case is closed A or B OR a retainer is in the file OR it is a PAI case"

* CSR Citizenship Form Label - default text is "Case is closed A or B and all contact was telephonic OR citizenship form or alienage documentation is in the file"

* CSR Timely Closing Label - default text is "Case is closed timely"

* Hide on Close Reasons - presents a mutliselect list of Close Reasons. The block will not display anything if the Close Reason for the case has already been selected and matches any of the reasons selected in this option.

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