LSC Other Services Block

Other Services Block

Allows recording one or more records per case or outreach that can include a Matter Referral Code (dropdown list), a date, and a note.

This block is available in the Case/Matter module and the Outreach module.

For reporting, there is a top level table "Combined LSC Other Services (One per Row)" that allows reporting on the data from both cases and outreaches.

Configuration Options:

Other Services Block Configuration
  • Default Other Service Date to Today
  • Allow Multiple Other Services?
  • Show Other Service Date?
  • Show Other Service Note?
  • Limit Other Service Type: Both, Cases Only, Outreach Only. This option determines which matter referral codes will appear in the dropdown list, according to the "Case Based?" and "Outreach Based?" options available for each lookup value in the Matter Referral Codes lookup list. NB: "Both" does not display all values; it does not include values for which neither Case Based nor Outreach Based has been selected.
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