Applicant DOB Block

Displays the Date of Birth field. Additional fields can be displayed depending on the configuration options selected.

Configuration Options:

* Show Approximate DOB - displays a Yes/No field to indicate if the applicant's precise date of birth is not known.

Selecting either of the next two options adds a "DOB Status" field before the DOB date field. The initial selection is "Known" and the DOB field is displayed. The dropdown will contain "Refused" and/or "Unknown"; either selection causing the required DOB field to be hidden on the form.

* Show Refused

* Show Unknown

* Show Senior Characteristics - displays a multiselect list of values if the applicant's age meets the setting in the next option. The values are defined in Admin / Lookups.

* Age to Show Senior Characteristics

* Require Senior Characteristics - require at least one selection in the multiselect field if it is displayed

* Minimum Acceptable Year - prevents entry of a DOB earlier than the specified year.

* Show Calculated Age - checked (displayed) by default. Hiding this element is recommended for online intakes.

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