Close Case (deprecated) Block

Note: This block has been deprecated. Administrators needing to modify a close case form using this block are encouraged to remove this block and use individual field and block elements. In addition to fairly obvious elements like the Date Closed field, replacing this block requires adding the "Set Disposition Closed" block to the form.

Displays Closing Information, Outcome Information, and Case Close Notes, and will set the disposition of a case to Closed when the form is completed.

The Closing Information section displays a required Date Closed field, a required Closed By field, and a required Close Reason field. Also displayed are Result Achieved, Main Benefit, Good Story? Y/N, and Number Helped fields for children and adults.

The Outcome Information displayed is the same as the standard Outcomes block (as opposed to the Outcomes (Advanced) block). The fields are Outcome, Value, and Date. Plus/minus buttons are displayed to allow outcomes to be added and removed on the form.

The Case Close Notes section displays a standard notes box and a "Choose Recipients" button to allow the closing notes to be emailed.

Configuration Options:

* Default closing date to today

* Only show outcomes associated with the case's problem code - this can be helpful if your Outcomes list is long.

* Default the number helped to the number of household members - if not selected, the number of people helped fields (children and adults) will be blank.

* Require "Result Achieved"

* Require "Main Benefit"

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