Set Pending (Only) Block

Sometimes used in place of the Disposition block at the end of an intake if all cases should open to the Pending disposition.

Configuration Options:

  • Advocate defaults to current user - the primary assignment defaults to the person completing the form. Or a specific user can be configured to become the primary advocate.
  • Default Office - Intake Office is included
  • Default Program - Intake Program is included
  • Show Case Status? - if selected, displays the Case Status dropdown field below the other fields displayed by this block.
  • Subject and Signature options for the email that can be sent.
  • Caseworker Label - if you want to rename the label for the Caseworker Assignment.

As of 2023-04-20 on Demo and 2023-04-28 on Live, there are additional configuration settings:

  • Hide Case Disposition Field - which removes the Case Disposition: Pending from showing.
  • Hide Case Pending Header - which removes the header itself
  • Hide Assignment Fields (requires default user, office, and program) - this will hide the instruction, the caseworker, the office, and the program fields. If the Office or Program default to Intake Office/Program and that is not set, the fields will still end up being visible.
  • Show Communication Section - if you want to disable the communication features to prevent this from being sent via message or email.
  • Show Case Note? - to remove the options for a case note itself.

Note that if a number of the new configurations are used, the block can act without a visual component in the User Interface.

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