Data Import Ticket Tracking

Once your team is invited to review the test import on your demo site (or the final import on your live site), and the most obvious issues have been addressed by the LegalServer team, we will ask you to put migration issues in tickets.


    • Compare several cases in your previous system and in LegalServer and look for errors
    • Run reports with the word “Imported” in their titles to look for missing/incorrect data

Did you spot an issue? 

Check for Existing Tickets

Go to Admin-> Support Tickets to view Open tickets. If we already have a ticket for the issue you see, no new ticket is needed. To see closed tickets, go to Actions-> Closed Tickets.

Verify That This is Old Enough Data To Be Imported

Cases and data newer than your test import won’t be in your demo site.  Find out when your upload occurred. It may have been weeks or months ago.

Create a Data Import Ticket

Navigate to the exact spot in a case where the data item is missing or incorrect, and/or copy the full URL from your browser that points to the exact view you are using. (like this:

Click Help-> Support Request

Describe The Issue

    • Is data missing or is it incorrect? 
    • Does this affect more than one case? Include a URL to one or more other examples. This is friendlier to your support team than listing the case name.
    • If only some cases are affected, do you see a pattern?
    • Include some values from your old system so we know what the right data should be

For Unusual Items, Review the Data Doc

Simple fields like US Citizen? y/n don’t normally need much research. More complicated fields, like outcomes and timekeeping, usually have somewhat complicated import needs.

      • Was the item marked ‘import’?
      • Were there unusual import instructions?
      • If there were odd translation codes that weren’t obvious in the database, like 01=Married, are those noted in the data doc?
      • Was there more than one source in the database for this field?

Extra Kindness Credit

    • Include the table and field the data came from, like: clients.marital_status
    • Include sample correct values from more than one case, so we can verify the fix when it is applied
    • Email support@legalserver.orga screenshot referencing the ticket number

Example Data Ticket

Short Description: Marital Status field has no values in demo

Description: Marital status on missing. The value on this case should be Married, is N/A

Checked old database and the value there is Married.

15-8383923 ( in LegalServer should be Single

15-4834828 ( in LegalServer should be Divorced

13-8484947 ( should be Married

(note the ticket # assigned when you submit or view it in your Admin->Support Tickets. This example doesn’t need a screenshot, but… )



Hi there, here is a screenshot for ticket 72222:

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