Send Email Block

This block sends an email, and optionally records a note, each time the form the block is on is submitted (or loaded if configured to do so).

The block does not display any visible elements on a form. The email is sent (and optional note created) silently in the background.

Example uses are sending a confirming email to an applicant who has completed an online intake, sending an email to one or more staff when an intake is completed, or sending an email when an external form is completed.

The block can be used on branch logic forms. It will send the email if the response(s) on the primary form cause the branch logic form to be displayed when the primary form is submitted.

Configuration Options

There are several options for configuring the "From", "To", "Cc", and "Bcc" recipients, as well as the subject and body of the optional note.

The example below shows an email that will be sent to an online intake applicant (assumes the online intake collected the email address before reaching the form with this block on it):

Several of the Recipients options include "Configurable Recipients", which displays an eponymous box that will accept a comma separated list of manually typed email addresses:

Add Recipients by Assignment Type: A multi-select list of assignment types. For each type selected, everyone assigned to the case with that type will be emailed. This option only works on case/matter auxiliary forms.

Send on Form Load: Use with caution. "Form load" means viewing the form. As soon as you view the form, without clicking anything, the email will be sent.

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