Case Contacts Block

Allows searching for a contact to link to a case/matter using a search and select box. Also provides a button to create a new contact record and link it to the case/matter. The built-in contact create process allows entering the name and work phone number of the new contact.

The text instructions and search box label are automatically adjusted on a form to reflect the contact type chosen in the block configuration.

The values in the Contact Type dropdown come from the Litigation Contact Type lookup.

Related: There is a static Add Case Contact process that can be enabled in the Actions menu on matters. The Case Contacts list view often used on case profiles also contains a "+" button icon in the filter bar to add a new contact to a case.

Configuration Options:

* Contact Type

* Show Relationship to Parties? - if enabled, displays required fields for Relationship and Litigant, an optional notes field, and a plus button to display another row to set the relationship of another litigant.  The

Known Issues:

* Creating a new contact via this block does not set the Contact Type on the new contact record. You must manually edit the new contact record and set it. (Ref: LS-57951)

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