Associate Cases With Outreach Block

Designed for use on an outreach auxiliary form, this block displays a search-and-select style field to select cases. Any case already associated with the outreach is listed above the search field with a "Remove" link.

The search does not include closed cases. To associate a closed case with an outreach, you must be able to select in the side bar list of "Recent Cases", or go to the closed case and associate it to the outreach. (Ref: LS-101887)

If a case is associated with an outreach, the outreach will appear on the case's list of associated outreaches.

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For administrators: The "List Cases" list view element displays associated cases on the outreach profile.

Configuration Options

  • Search by client date of birth: Allows the user to search for a case based on the client's name, case number, or the client's birth date.
  • Show DOB in search results: Displays the Date of Birth for clients linked to the Outreach.
  • Hide recent clients sidebar: Hides the list of recent client's that appears in the sidebar when this block is used.
  • Include matters in the "Prescreen" disposition in search results: What it sounds like.
  • Filter Searches by Office: Limits cases that appear to ones where the Intake Office matches the selected office.
  • Filter Searches by Outreach Office (Overrides "Filter Searches by Office"): More flexible than the previous option that harcodes the search to a single office value.
  • Custom text for the search box label: Allows you to replace the default text "Cases Associated With Outreach".
  • Custom help text: Allows you to replace the default text "Search for cases by case number or client name".
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