Prospective Income Block

Displays a Yes/No question "Do you have reason to believe that your income will change significantly in the future?"

You can configure this to be a required field, and present a notes box if Yes is selected.

If you need this block, it is usually placed below the Financial Information - Alternate block on an intake form. See the last configuration option below.

Configuration Options:

  • Show Notes - if Yes is chosen for the field, display a text area box for notes.

  • Require Notes - require notes to be entered if the configuration option above is selected.

  • Require "income will significantly change" field - make the Yes/No field required.

  • Insert this block after income within the financial blocks - if this block is placed below the Financial Information - Alternate block on a form, this option allows the question to appear after the income fields and before the expense or asset fields (if displayed).

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