Document Selection Block

Presents a drag and drop interface of available documents and templates on a case that produces a "packet" (a PDF file of the selected documents) that can be printed or optionally emailed.

Often used to produce a packet to be sent to an attorney during the pro bono assignment process and a packet to be sent to the client.

Administrators can create an auxiliary process to allow attorney and/or client packets to be created outside the pro bono assignment process.

This block is not available to add to forms unless "Enable Pro Bono Advocate documents folder and Pro Bono document creation link" is set to Yes on the Admin > Pro Bono Settings page.

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Configuration Options

  • Show Cover Letter Dropdown? (Note: the cover letter feature requires the Publications module to be enabled on a site)
  • Calculate Default Cover Letter
  • Require Cover Letter
  • Allow Email?
  • Packet Recipient (dropdown for Pro Bono Assignment or Client)
  • Default Email Recipient (dropdown for either Pro Bono Assignment or Client)
  • Allow Uploads? (display the standard "Browse" button for uploading files)
  • Default Problem Code to Case's Problem Code
  • Default "Common" Results
  • Show Publication Documents in List
  • Show Case Documents in List
  • Show Pro Bono Documents in List
  • Include Cover Page
  • Double-Sided Printing
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