Submit (Configurable) Block

Places a "submit" button on a form. The configuration options let you label the button and configure what will happen when the button is clicked.

Configuration Options

You can only select one of the first 6 options. Each option "submits" the form, saving any information entered up to that point:

  • Next Page - Go to the next step of a process or to the profile page if on the last or only step in a process.
  • Same Page - Stay on the current form. Often labeled "Save and Stay on Page". 
  • Previous Page - Return to the previous step of a multi-step process.
  • Module Dynamic Profile - Go to the process's followup profile, if possible. This does not jump out of an incomplete intake process to the main profile. Often labeled "Return to Case Profile" (when used on a matter auxiliary form).
  • URL - Enter a URL that the button should invoke. Note that the destination URL will not open in a new browser window or tab, but will "replace" the page it was invoked from. We recommend using this option only for URLs within your LegalServer site.
  • Form - Go to the selected dynamic form. Can be used, for example, to provide a "Save Case Note and Add Another" button.
  • Draft Save - allows the form to be saved even if required fields have not been completed.
  • Same Page Submit Scroll Back - Return the user to the same position on the form as the button. Useful on long forms. Only effective if Same Page is selected above.
  • Label - Allows you to change the label that will appear on the button instead of the default "Continue".
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