User/Contact Associations Block

* User/Contact: search and select box of contacts (and optionally users) when the block is on a User form

* User: dropdown list of users when the block is on a Contact form

* Association Type: from the User Contact Association Type lookup list

* Note: text

* Associated By: defaults to the user filling out the form

* Associated On: defaults to today's date

Plus/minus toggle buttons allow adding and removing multiple associations, up to the configured maximum.

The User Contact Associations list view element is available to display this information on dynamic contact and user profile pages.

Tip: Several of the fields are required, so this block works best by itself on an auxiliary form. Placing it on a form with other fields and blocks will require users to enter at least one association to submit the form.

Configuration Options:

* The maximum number of associations allowed - defaults to 10

* Also associate with users - this option only displays when the block is on a user form

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