New Timeslip Block

New Timeslip Block

This block is designed to allow creating a timeslip from a case/matter intake or auxiliary form where the timeslip is not necessarily "case" time linked to the case.

Example: You have a timeslip form for contractors. You have forms where staff are doing things on a case, and it would be convenient for them to create a "contractor" timeslip that is not necessarily linked to the case.

Additional example: You want to have a third timeslip on a case besides Add Staff Time and Add Pro Bono Time. Perhaps your Add Pro Bono timeslip has the Caseworker defaulted to just being the current user with no option to change it. You may want a different timeslip for Staff to record Pro Bono time that does not have that Caseworker field read-only. This would let you create a case aux form to use with that third Timeslip Create process. 

The block displays the selected timeslip form on the case intake or auxiliary form.

Configuration Options

  • Form: a list of active timekeeping forms on your site.

  • Creating Process Used to Edit Created: a list of active timekeeping create processes on your site.

  • Edit Existing if One Exists: Only useful for an auxiliary form that will contain a single timeslip that gets updated (as opposed to adding an additional timeslip).

NB: The process selected should match the form selected, unless you really, really know what you are doing.

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