Standard User Role Setup

This page shows a common list of user roles. The only roles that are required to be active and used are Administrator and User.

Additional permissions are added to LegalServer with new releases. When these permissions are added, by default, they do not change the existing permissions on user roles. At times, the administrator should periodically check the Administrator user role to add any new permissions connected to new modules or features.

If your site uses the security of Internal/External IP addresses, visibility differences should be considered by the administrator for each role.

Administrator - Has all available permissions. Able to modify processes, forms and profiles and manage all other system users and settings.

User - Basic staff user role. Includes permissions to open and close and reject cases, create document templates and track time slips.

Managing Attorney - This role includes all of the same permissions as the User role, except adds the ability to reopen closed cases or reopen rejected matters.

Report Builder - This role contains the same permissions as the User role, but with Report Builder tools, allowing the user to create new reports from scratch or permanently modify existing reports.

Pro Bono Coordinator - This role contains all the same permission as the User role, but with additional tools necessary for pro bono attorney management. Includes the following: adding users, administering user names and passwords, pro bono opportunities, delete Outreach/Other Matter records, and modify lookup list items (for Subjects or other pro bono user profile related lists).

Volunteer - This role is intended for non-staff members. It often has fewer permissions than the User role.

Pro Bono Restricted Access - This role is intended for pro bono volunteers who allow to log in to LegalServer for purposes of basic case management or as part of the pro bono opportunities module participation. This role includes only very limited permissions, eliminating the main tabs and most of the top level navigation links.

A common question is "What are the "standard" permissions for the User role?"

The permissions listed below are typical. Adjust as desired.

For the mildly paranoid/careful people: Take away all permissions on this role except Login. Then login as a user assigned to this role and only add permissions if you can't do something you should be able to. Or take them away and wait for your users to complain.

NB: Remember that dynamic processes and profiles have user role permissions. A few blocks also have user role permissions. Many of the permissions here control access to static links and pages your site may not be using.

Allow Access To View Other User's Profiles

Case/Client Alerts - Can Dismiss

Cases - Electronic Case Transfer List - View

Cases - Show Delete this Assignment link

Cases - Sidebar Snapshot - View

Delete Other Matters

Edit Funding Code for Case Timekeeping

Edit Funding Code for Non-client Timekeeping

Edit Funding Code for Outreach Timekeeping

Front Page - View Quickbar (When Available)


Re-Open Closed Cases

Re-open Rejected Matters

Show Save Report Button

Show Search Link

Top Navigation Bar - Show My Assignments Link

View all non-client time

View Electronic Case Transfers

View Other Users' Time

View Outreach List

View User List

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