Case Timely Closed Block

Intended for use on a case closing form. Displays "Is Case Timely Closed?", a read-only value of Yes or No and an optional Override button.

Uses the Date Opened, Date Closed, Close Reason, and PAI Case fields to make the initial determination of whether the case is being timely closed according to LSC's CSR Handbook.

The block sets the value of the "CSR: Timely Closed" field.

Configuration Options

* A dropdown list of Close Reasons for "Close Reason A" and for "Close Reason B". This allows administrators to specify the close reason lookup values that correspond to "advice and counsel" and "limited action", which have different timely closing rules.

* Show Override Button?

* Require Override Note?

The rules that determine whether Yes or No is displayed are:

(a) If the close reason is A or B, the case is timely closed if the date closed is in the same calendar year as the date opened; or, if the case was opened on or after October 1st, or it is a PAI case, if the date closed is in the calendar year following the year it was opened.

(b) For all other close reasons, the case is timely closed if the date closed is within the calendar year following the year of the timeslip with the most recent date of service.

The rule for (b) is the best available approximation of the timely closing rules in the CSR Handbook for extended service cases. Determining "the grant year in which assistance on behalf of the client was completed" (and consequently what the following grant year was), and whether a case is "ongoing during a grant year" according to the three currently allowed reasons, necessarily requires a person to review a case.

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