Date Calculator Block

Allows setting the value of a date field based on another date field, and the block's configuration.

For example, if a First Notice field (the trigger) is 1/1/2013, the value of a Second Notice field (the target) could be calculated as X number of days after the trigger field date.

The block does not display the trigger field by default. The trigger field can be displayed on the same form as a separate Field element, either read only or editable. If the trigger field is editable on the same form, changing its value will update the proposed target field value.

The block hides the target field with the calculated date if the target field has been previously set (it is not null) and the Override option is not checked. In other words, always check the Override option if the target field should always be displayed.

The proposed date for the target field is not stored unless the form the block is on is submitted via a Continue or other button.

Configuration Options

  • Select trigger date field: dropdown list of date fields
  • Number of days (+/-)
  • Select a date to store the result: dropdown list of date fields
  • Select Business or Calendar days
  • Override the target field?
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