Create Organization Assignment Block

Allows assigning an organization to a case instead of a person.

Like user assignments, organization assignments have Start and End dates, and a history of assignments is recorded.

Configuration options allow assigning a court to a case, a special type of organization assignment.

The companion "Matter Organization Assignments V2" list is designed to show organization assignments assignments made with this block. See below for notes on configuring the list view.


The block provides three configuration options. In this example it is configured to create a generic organization assignment, and only display organizations that have the type of "Legal Aid/Legal Services" or "Law Firm":

Assignment Type -- Court or Pro Bono Firm

Selecting "Court" will display an optional Judge field and a required Court Role on Case field when creating or editing an assignment.

"Pro Bono Firm" is the option to select for a non-court assignment. Despite the label, the block can be configured to assign any type of organization.

Organization Types to Include

A multi-select list of a site's organization types. Determines which organizations will appear in the Organization name selector on the form.

Process for Creating New Organization

The dynamic process to use if the user chooses to add a new organization. Typically only one process is available. Although multiple create processes are supported for organizations in general, having only a single process is highly recommended.

List View Configuration

The Matter Organization Assignments V2 list view has two configuration options in addition to the standard options.

"Assignment types to show" limits the list to those types. In the example below, only organization assignment types of "Court" will be displayed.

The "Organization types to include on edit form" list determines which organizations will be available if someone clicks on the Edit pencil on an existing assignment in the list. In the example, only organizations with the type "Court" will be in the Organization selector on the edit assignment page.

Below is an example list (and optional header element) configured to display court assignments. The case has gone to trial, been appealed, and is now back in the trial court.

Form Setup

A typical auxiliary form setup includes the list and the block.

Which will display this:

Create a separate auxiliary form to view and create court assignments if your site needs those.

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