Family Information Block

Displays a list of any existing family members and an "Add Family Member (Show)" button that will display several fields, allowing you to record information about an applicant's family.

Names in the list are clickable to edit the information. Each row also contains a delete icon.

This block is designed for intake and auxiliary forms, not case profiles. For profiles, use the Family Members list view element.

This block is often used on an intake form as a separate step, as well as an auxiliary form tied to an auxiliary process that allows editing this information on an open case.

This block does not work on the first step of a create process (intake or prescreen).

Configuration Options:

* Ask is a Non-AP on case

* Default is a Non-AP on case - Yes/No

* Ask if Family Member on case

* Ask if Household Member on case

* Ask if Potential Conflict on case

* Ask for Relationships to Case (including relationship to case so a Help search finds this option)

* Ask for immigration status

* Ask for citizenship status

* Ask for Visa number / A Number

* Ak for address

* Ask for birth country

* Track Aliases (only useful if using Immigration module)

* Track Immigration

* Ask for phone numbers

* Ask for email

* Use family list template - deprecated - do not use - really

* Ask for race

* Ask for HUD race

* Ask for language

* Require Relationship

* Require Gender

* Require Race/HUD Race

* Require DOB

* Ask for DOB Info

* Show New Family Intake Date

* Ask for disabled status

* Ask for Veteran Status

* Ask for HUD Ethnicity

* Ask for HUD Disabling Condition

* Gender in List

* DOB in List

* Age in List

* Phones in List

* Combine Visa Number / A Number into one field

* Show A Number (conflicts with Combine Option)

* A Number Format

* Add a space every three numbers in A Number?

* Show Client Lives With

* Show Supported by Client

* Ask for SSN

* Ask for SSN Info

* Allow create case for family member

* Show gender field when creating new case for family member

* Show ethnicity field when creating new case for family member

* Show race field when creating new case for family member

* Show marital status field when creating new case for family member

*Show Family Note

*Show Family Note in List to display the note column

* Ask for highest level of education

* Save and Search - display the button, allows staying on the form after adding a family member

* Person label - a text box that allows you to change the label used; defaults to Family Member.

* Show Secondary Victim - display this boolean field

* Family Edit Aux Process ID - do not select a process when the block is on an intake or auxiliary form; doing so will cause errors if someone tries to edit existing information

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