Manage Personal Access Tokens Block

This block is available on the user module to create a personal access token or bearer token for use with API logins. The token will last for a full year. It allows for API access but not login access to the web interface. 

Note if this is being used for InCert, be sure that "InCert" is in the label of the token somewhere. 


Go to Admin -> Processes, Forms, and Profiles -> Switch from the "Case/Matter" module to the "User" module. Create or edit a User Aux form. On the form, add the block Manage Personal Access Tokens. There are no configuration settings available for the block. If you've created a new User Aux Form, you need to create a new process for it and then add the process to a Custom Link Box on the User Profile. 


Running the new process will display the following form:

If you click "Create Token", it will first ask you to label the token. Then it will generate a new token linked to the user. 

As the block notes, the new token is displayed only this one time. It is a 48 character alphanumeric code. If you return to the process, you will see the process, you'll see the token was generated and have the ability to expire the token. If you expire the token in advance, it will stop working. Otherwise, it will last for one full year. 

If you forget the token or lose the token, you will need to expire it and then create a new token instead. 

If you click Expire Token, you will be asked to confirm before the token is expired. The token is not automatically expired when the user's account is set to Login Active = No or Current = No. You will need to expire the token itself. 


You cannot currently report on these tokens (Ref: LS-73417).

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